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Diversity Goals

The public radio services of the Interlochen Center for the Arts, Interlochen Public Radio presents the following diversity statement & goals:


A platform for the community
Interlochen Public Radio is freely and continuously available to radio and online listeners.  The stations provide free access for promotion and publicity to non-profit organizations to reach out to the community with their messages through the Almanac.  

Interlochen Public Radio presents programming designed to appeal to a broad range of listeners.  

Classical IPR includes weekly programming offerings of primarily classical music, but also musical theatre, opera, jazz, folk, and special interest music.   The station features newscasts throughout the day and night, informing listeners of events around the world and in northern Michigan.  Classical IPR features performers from the community in its “Live From Studio A” series.  The station regularly invites spokespersons representing regional non-profit organizations to promote their events, special projects, and public meetings on Classical IPR.  These organizations include theatre groups, musical performing ensembles, schools, libraries, civic groups, arts organizations, and other community entities seeking a way to reach the community with their mission and messages.

IPR News Radio is the public radio news service for the northern Michigan and online community.  Program offerings include news from NPR, American Public Media, Public Radio International, and many different locations throughout the day and night.   Weekly programs include stories told by professional storytellers and amateurs sharing their experiences, as well as programs focusing on food, gardening, religion, the environment, literature, health, the media, the origin of English words and phrases, and a weekly show on uniquely American music.  IPR News features voices from northern Michigan nearly every day in news stories, features and regular community-produced programs.

Community Engagement
IPR regularly reaches out to the community for guidance and review of its service through a Community Advisory Council.  Its members are from across the northern Michigan community and include online listeners outside of this region.  The Community Advisory Council meets at least four times per year to review programming and advise station management toward better engagement with and service to the community.  IPR also seeks review and support of its efforts through three or more week-long fundraising drives each year, as well as open houses, special station events, and listener surveys.  

IPR seeks:

  • Geographical diversity, with representation of urban and rural communities within our listening area, as well as areas that have varying degrees of community wealth and poverty. We seek broad representation on our Community Advisory Council to ensure programming appeals to the entire region.
  • Ethnic and gender diversity, and to reflect the makeup of our community. We seek broad representation on our Community Advisory Council and an active interest in programming that reflects a wide spectrum of voices, with an eye toward issues of specific interest to local American Indian tribes and other area minority populations, including people who are migrant. In addition, the station hires using strong EEO employment policies and is committed to interviewing qualified diversity candidates for every management-level position. 
  • to bring a diversity of voices to the airwaves, or to otherwise help the community to tell the stories of those often under-represented in mass media. These can include, but are not limited to, people of varying ethnic backgrounds, in poverty or homelessness, children and youth, LGBT community members and people with disabilities. 
  • to provide programming and educational opportunities that reach out to a new and younger audience for classical music.
  • to reflect a wide range of religious traditions in relevant cultural programming. 

IPR seeks listener questions, comments, and suggestions for ways that we can better serve our diverse audience.
Contact information:
800 441 9422