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Musicians promise to 'burn down Traverse City' (metaphorically)

(Photo: City Opera House website)
(Photo: City Opera House website)

BJ Leiderman and Kenny White visit the City Opera House on Saturday night, and if the concert is anything like their interview with IPR, buckle up.

BJ Leiderman showed up to our Zoom interview wearing a shirt with LEGO patterns all over it, a cartoonish Halloween mask (for some reason) and speaking as though he were John Lennon.

That was just the beginning of our conversation with Leiderman — well known to public radio listeners as the composer of many an NPR theme — and Kenny White, the New York-based singer songwriter whose career runs from advertising jingles, to a seven-album discography, to appearances with some of music's biggest names.

Listen to their conversation via the audio player above.

They've teamed up for "The Piano/Piano Tour," which will showcase their original works, some covers and, yes, some of those public radio themes:

Ed Ronco is IPR's news director.