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The Sound Garden Project

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Music. It is essential to human life. It distills the essence of our experiences, helps us reflect on our past and envisions a future that is yet to be imagined.

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Playing flute in Ace Hardware in Traverse City

But over recent decades a chasm has formed between classical musicians and new audiences. How can more people experience live classical music if they aren’t planning to go to a concert hall? Interlochen Public Radio is bridging that chasm with something new: The Sound Garden Project: planting classical music in unexpected places. 

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Playing the flute in the forest during Focus Week

This summer IPR will host two ensembles in residence.

Our inaugural group, The Sound Garden Quintet, will return for the month of June and make music part of everyday life in Glen Arbor as part of the Manitou Music Festival.

PULSE Quartet will be based at Interlochen Center for the Arts from June to August and will perform in a variety of locations, including for people arriving and departing at Cherry Capital Airport.

With increasing competition for everyone’s time and attention, classical music has few opportunities to find new ears.

So IPR is going beyond the radio waves and bringing classical music directly to audiences in person, one community at a time in northern Michigan, in places you might not expect it.

Sound Garden Quintet in Fishtown
Classical music at Leland's Historic Fishtown

These ensembles will perform in our concert series, IPR Live, but you will also find them experimenting with music in unusual ways.

Which flavor of ice cream goes best with a saxophone quartet? You get to decide.

What style of music will ripen your bananas the fastest? There’s one way to find out.

Sick of watching an ad while you pump your gas? What if you got to listen to a conservatory trained flutist instead?

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French horn with your meal at Trattoria Stella in Traverse City

With The Sound Garden Project, IPR is bringing live classical music directly into your world. IPR is out there looking for ears. Everywhere. Join us. Get updates through our mailing list; sign up here.

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Playing the flute at sunset at the Open Space in Traverse City

Dr. Matthew Schlomer advises the Sound Garden Project.