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Traverse City seeks public input on regulating recreational marijuana

The highly rated variety of medical marijuana known as  "Blue Dream" was displayed among other strains at a cannabis farmers market in Los Angeles in 2014.
Traverse City is asking for public input on how recreational marijuana should be regulated.

Traverse City commissioners are reconsidering how recreational marijuana licenses should be divvied out, and are asking for public input.

That’s even though recreational marijuana has been legal since 2018. The city's rules have stalled due to a lawsuit from current medical marijuana businesses, says City Clerk Benjamin Marentette.

“They asserted that they were automatically entitled to an adult use marijuana license by virtue of the fact that they had a medical marijuana license in the city.”

A judge disagreed with that earlier this week, ruling that current medical marijuana businesses were not entitled to the limited number of recreational licenses within the city.

A judge also ruled earlier this year that the city’s limit on licenses was legal, but the scoring rubric to award those licenses was probably not.

Now, the city is putting it to the public for additional feedback.

There is an online form with additional information regarding current recreational marijuana license options, as well as room for general feedback.

An open house is also taking place Wednesday, September 8th at 3:30p.m. at the City Opera House.