Wexford County

Mason County

Voters in a few northern Michigan counties will be asked to approve more money for police officers. Wexford, Benzie and Mason counties all have public safety millages on their August ballots.

In Mason County, they’re asking residents to fund four new road patrol deputies. Residents would pay a millage of $30 for every $100,000 worth of property they own.

Morgan Springer

School districts across Michigan are asking voters for more money for building renovations and equipment. More than 20 bond proposals are on ballots Tuesday, May 8. A number of those districts are trying again after bond proposals failed in previous elections.

Morgan Springer

For decades, residents living near the Wexford County Landfill have been dealing with contaminated drinking water. The landfill was built in the 1970s and was mismanaged at times. Now, a new proposal at the site is creating new concern for residents.

2017 northern Michigan election roundup

Nov 8, 2017
Sam Cordon

Please note, these are unofficial election results.

Traverse City commission:

Traverse City commissioner Gary Howe has lost his seat in a tight race. Brian McGillivary, a former Record Eagle reporter, has won a spot on the new commission. 

Mesick Consolidated Schools District website

School officials in Mesick say they need $14.5 million to demolish, rebuild and upgrade their schools. Residents in the district will vote on the millage in May.

Morgan Springer

Class begins this week for 57 school districts in Michigan, including three districts within the Wexford-Missaukee Intermediate School District. Schools are required to start after Labor Day in Michigan, but these districts applied successfully for a waiver from the Michigan Department of Education.

One district starting early is Manton Consolidated Schools. Their first day is Wednesday, August 24th.

Last Chance For Cadillac's Ice Rink

May 2, 2014
Tom Carr

The people who skate and play hockey at the Wexford Civic Center are now managing it.

Known as the Wex, the county-owned facility was in danger of closing before a citizens' group offered to run it.

Wexford County commissioners voted Wednesday to let volunteers oversee, market and raise funds for the ice rink and auditorium.

Mike Figliomeni, spokesman for the group known as Boon Sports Management, thinks people will notice a positive change.

Crowded Jail Forces Wexford County To Act

Feb 21, 2014

Wexford County is looking at building a larger jail for at least $12 million, and Commissioners say it is the top priority this year.

The county boards its overflow prisoners in neighboring counties, and the number of inmates is expected to rise gradually in coming years.