This Valentine's Day, Make A Date With A Book

12 hours ago

Well, Valentine's Day is upon us, and whether or not you're in love, I think we can all agree that sometimes the pressure to be in a relationship, or celebrate the fact that you're in one, can get a little ... less than delightful.

So whatever your status may be (it's complicated, isn't it?) it's a good day to make a hot date with a book. Me, I'm planning to curl up with one of my all-time favorites, Joanna Bourne's The Black Hawk, because Adrian Hawkhurst— in all his sardonic, skinny, floppy-black-haired glory — is pretty much every guy I ever crushed on in high school and college and ummmmm maybe adulthood too. And in that vein, I asked some of our reviewers and Romancelandia pals to talk about their favorite book dates. So pour yourself the beverage of your choice, and settle in for some good old fashioned Happily Ever Afters!

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