Percussionist Rob Dillon in conversation with Classical IPR

Jan 24, 2018

Percussionist Rob Dillon (foreground) performing with Third Coast Percussion at the 2017 Grammy Awards
Credit Photo by Rich Polk

Building your own instruments from scraps of metal, playing a conch shell with your mouth like a trumpet and making music with spaghetti strainers purchased at IKEA - all of these are just another day's work for percussionist Rob Dillon. Dillon is a founding member of the Grammy-winning ensemble Third Coast Percussion.

He recently visited Interlochen Public Radio and chatted with Classical IPR's Amanda Sewell about some pieces of music that deeply influenced his life and his career. He also explained how a percussionist creates the sound of a lion roaring as well as which member of Third Coast Percussion got to keep the Grammy statuette. Hear the entire conversation, complete with music, below.

Dillon and his colleagues from Third Coast Percussion will perform April 6 at Corson Auditorium as part of Interlochen Center for the Arts' Steve Reich Festival. Click here for more information about the performance.

Percussionist Rob Dillon in conversation with Classical IPR
Credit Photo by Katie Trzaska