Kids Commute - La Cenerentola Week! Wednesday

Mar 21, 2018

Day 3 of LA CENERENTOLA Week: O Figlie Amabili/Cerenentola, vien qua! (Cenerentola does Clorinda and Tisbe's hair, in a 1922 illustration by Harry Clarke.)

Welcome to Day Three of La Cenerentola Week on IPR's Kids Commute! Today, an invitation, some bossing around...and some complaining!

Ep. 12 Encore rebroadcast March 21, 2018
O Figlie Amabili/Cenerentola, vien qua!
Gioacchino Rossini


Here's today's Kids Commute:

Here's an English translation of what we're hearing today:

Oh lovely daughters of Don Magnifico, Prince Ramiro is on his way
He will take you to his palace
There will be singing and dancing
Then the loveliest of his guests will become his darling bride.

Cinderella, come here
My shoes and my bonnet
Cinderella, come here
My feathers and my necklace

Cinderella, come here
Cinderella, go there
Cinderella, go up
Cinderella, come down
How they bully me!
They really want to kill me.

...and here is a delightful, funny clip of Elina Garanca as Cenerentola in a 2009 production at the Metropolitan Opera: