Featured New Release: Max Richter Portrait

Dec 5, 2017

 Violinist Angèle Dubeau and her orchestra La Pietà have recorded musical portraits of many composers, including Philip Glass, Ludovico Einaudi and John Adams. Their latest musical portrait album features selected works of Max Richter.


Max Richter is a composer, producer, pianist and remix artist. His music has appeared in over 50 films, including “Shutter Island,” “Waltz with Bashir” and “Arrival” (for which he received an Academy Award nomination).


Richter’s music has also been used by ballet and theater companies all over the world. The new “Portrait” album includes a variety of selections from his film and television scores.  


Angèle Dubeau founded La Pietà in 1997. This all-female ensemble was originally formed for occasional recordings, but it is now one of Canada’s most respected instrumental ensembles.


Dubeau herself works to bring classical music to wider audiences, hosting music television shows and gala concerts. In addition to their composer portrait albums, the musicians of La Pietà have also recorded multiple albums of film, television and video game music.